Dig deeper into God’s Word without the overwhelm

I know when you first start studying the Bible it can seem overwhelming, you may find it frustrating or even boring, but I want to show you a way of studying your Bible thats not only simple but effective.

Why the SOAP Bible Study Method?

There are many Bible Studies out there, but most of them tell you what the scripture is saying rather than teach you how to understand the scripture yourself and listen to what God is speaking to you through it.

What I love about the method is that is so simple. It breaks down exactly what you need to do whilst still allowing you the space to see exactky what God is trying to show YOU.

SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. Lets break down exactly what they mean.

Scripture – read a passage of scripture and then write it down. If it is a long passage then just choose a few verses that stand out to you and write them down.  Writing things down enables a higher level of thinking which can result in a more focussed action.

Observation – think about the scripture and ask yourself, what stands out to you, what do you observe, who is the audience, is there something you see that you haven’t seen before, is there repetition, are there comparisons or contrasts. Write down your observations.

Application – now it gets personal. Ask yourself, how can I apply what I have read to myself, my life, and my walk with the Lord, is there something I need to do, or change. It may not always be something you need to ‘do’ or ‘change’ but it may be something you learn about God that changes your relationship with Him, or that you want to add to your praise and worship.  Write down how you will apply what you have learned.

Prayer – pray through what you have learned, ask God to work in your life through what you have learned, it may involve praise, it may involve confession, it may be asking for help to act on something. (Matthew 13:23)

Simple to remember, easy to do, and an effective way of spending time in the Word.

Learn what it means to be Saved by Faith in this SOAP Bible Study on the book of Galatians.

Sometimes we can get caught up in feeling like we need to do more for God, or we need to work harder to win God’s approval. As we dive into the book of Galatians we will see how our salvation comes through faith in Christ and cannot be earned by obedience to the Law and good works.

Studying this book will help to reframe the way we think about our faith and show us how we can find true freedom in Christ.

With this printable Bible Reading Plan you’ll be able to:

> Read through the book of Galatians

> Understand how God wants to apply these Scriptures to your life

> Use the SOAP Bible Study method to unpack a passage of scripture

> Grow in your understanding of the Word and your intimacy with God

What’s inside?

> An explanation of how to do a SOAP Bible Study

> SOAP Bible Study Pages for each section of Galatians

> Coloring pages for each section

Why Use This Bible Study?

> It’s easy and simple yet effective

> You will have read the whole book of Galatians

> Grow stronger in your faith

> Do it in your own time, at your own pace

> Understand the scriptures better and how to apply them to your life

> Gives you an easy guide of what to study so your not left overwhelmed, confused or frustrated

> It allows you to hear from God rather then have someone tell you what to believe