Learn what it means to be Saved by Faith in this SOAP Bible Study on the book of Galatians.

Sometimes we can get caught up in feeling like we need to do more for God, or we need to work harder to win God’s approval. As we dive into the book of Galatians we will see how our salvation comes through faith in Christ and cannot be earned by obedience to the Law and good works.

Studying this book will help to reframe the way we think about our faith and show us how we can find true freedom in Christ.


With this printable Bible Reading Plan you’ll be able to:


> Read the book of Galatians

> See how we are saved by faith not by works

> Understand how God wants to apply these Scriptures to your life

> Grow in your understanding of the Word and your intimacy with God


What’s inside?

> 60 pages

> SOAP Bible Study Pages for each section of Galatians

> Coloring pages for each Bible Study

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