Open God’s Word and discover the joy of studying your Bible

Did you know only 32% of Christians read their Bible everyday?!

* 2016 Study, Lifeway Research

Here’s the problem you face, there are so many different Bible studies and methods and most leave you feeling overwhelmed, confused and unsure of where to start.

Maybe you’ve tried reading your Bible but you don’t have a plan, so you give up because it all just feels too hard.

Basically, you get stuck… which means you don’t get the joy of digging deeper into God’s word and growing your faith.

Have you ever said:

> I want to read my Bible but I don’t know where to begin?
> I want to study God’s Word but its too hard
> I know I should be spending time with God, but I don’t have the time

I want you to know you can spend time with God, cultivating a deeper relationship with Him and His word in a simple, easy and fun way, that isn’t going to take you hours each day.

Let me introduce you to the 365 Day SOAP Bible Study Binder

365 days of Bible studies for you to do broken down into months, with a different theme each month. Each day you will study a new Bible verse on the topic for that month.

This is an easy system you can print out and use to dig deeper into God’s Word and enjoy your quiet time.

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What is the S.O.A.P Method?

Have you ever sat there trying to study your Bible but instead just sat staring at a blank piece of paper wondering where to begin?!

I have been there.

You want to study the bible and know that it is important for your spiritual growth but there are so many different Bible study methods out there and it can be confusing to know where to start.

The SOAP Bible Study Method makes it super easy for you to study your Bible.

It uses a simple acronym which stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer.

By digging into the details of the scripture you can see how it applies to your life and pray about how God can help you with what you have learned.

This method helps you structure your time with God and  provides a great format to see what God is teaching you through his word.

It’s one of my favorite methods of Bible Study because it’s so easy to use but great for both the beginner or those who have been studying their Bible for a long time.

The SOAP method is tried and tested; it has been around for ages because of how reliable it is!

What’s Inside

How to Use

Utilise the SOAP Bible Study method, the easiest and most popular method of studying the Bible.

This mini guide breaks down what the SOAP Bible study method is and how to use the Bible study binder.

SOAP Bible Studies:

Understand God’s Word better!

Each day you will get a Bible verse to read and a study to do based on whatever the topic is that month.

Monthly studies including Grace, Faith, Forgiveness, Obedience, Prayer, Love and more!

Coloring Pages

Supplement your Bible study by coloring in God’s Word. These coloring pages match the verses you get each day and add some creativity to your quiet time.

> Memorise the scriptures
> Have some fun while learning God’s Word.

Scripture Cards:

These beautiful scripture cards can be used for many things to grow your faith.

Pray God’s Word
> Encourage someone by gifting a card to them
> Memorise the scriptures
> Use as a bookmark

They match each of the daily Bible verses you will be studying.

With this printable Bible Reading Plan you’ll be able to:

> Have a plan so you don’t feel overwhelmed or unsure of where to start
> Read the Bible everyday
> Understand the scriptures and what God is saying to you
> Deepen your prayer life by praying through the things you learn each day
> Grow in your understanding of the Word and your intimacy with God
> Have fun whilst doing it!

You might be thinking, but can’t I just do a SOAP Bible study in a regular notebook myself?

Whilst you can just write down the acronym in your journal and do it yourself what you won’t have is the guidance of this binder, showing you what to read each day and with all the extra resources to help you with your study.

This is an easy print and go system, no wondering what to do next, or what Bible verse you should be studying.

It’s all laid out for you saving you time and effort!

PLUS Check out these awesome BONUSES!

Bonus #1: Bible Tabs

These Bible tabs match the designs for each month included in the study.

Add them to your Bible to make it look pretty and help you navigate your way around it.

Bonus #2: Journaling Pages

These 12 journaling pages match the designs for each month included in the Bible study.

You can use them to write out any extra thoughts or prayers.

Here’s What You Get

How to Use the Bible Study
365 Monthly Bible Study pages
Checklist of each months Bible verses
365 Coloring pages
365 Scripture Cards
(BONUS) Bible Tabs
(BONUS) 12 Journaling Pages

Value: $67USD

Only: $1USD!

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* Due to the nature of digital products we are unable to offer any refunds. We really want you to be happy with your purchase, so if you have any issues please contact us and we will do our best to sort it out, we appreciate your understanding.



Am I receiving a physical product?

This is a printable product which means you can download it instantly and print it out from your computer at home or at a printing shop. No physical products will be sent.

What if I can’t do a Bible study every day?

No worries, this system is meant to make things easy and get you opening God’s Word. Whether thats once a day or once a week you can do this at your own pace. I have broken it down into days and months to make it easier to navigate but its totally up to you how you would like to use it.

Can I send a copy to my friend?

We do not allow you to send these to other people, it is for your personal use only. If your friend would like a copy please send them to the website to purchase their own.

Can I use these for my church Bible Study?

This pricing for personal use only, however if you would like to use for a Bible study group please contact me before purchasing for group pricing.