FREE Printable Christian Monthly Planner

A monthly calendar is a great way of getting a general overview of the month ahead.

It’s not meant to be for all the little everyday tasks you have to do  but to provide a birds eye view of whats ahead. Often including things like birthdays, anniversaries, important dates and appointments. 

This calendar I have created for you is undated so you can use it any year you like but it still has the days on it so its super helpful to keep track of where you’re at each month. 

I have included a bible verse on each page as well so you can constantly be reminded of God throughout your month and your planning process.

I have made this calendar versatile so it can be used in many different ways depending what you need it for.


What Can I use a Monthly Planner for?

The great thing about this planner is that it can be used for a variety of things. Some ways to use this planner could be:

  • Monthly schedule – basically just plan out your month ahead with events, errands etc so you have an overview of whats ahead
  • Meal planning – you could use this calendar to plan what meals you’re making ahead of time. and use the to do list and notes for things you may need to prep in advance or purchase in order to plan the meals for the month ahead.
  • Gratitude log – write down one thing each day you’re grateful for. In the to do list you could put some ways you might thank other people throughout the month.
  • Prayer calendar – write down something or someone you want to pray for each day. In the to do list you could write down some names of people you would like to contact or follow up with that you ave prayed for.


Don’t forget before you start planning to set aside some time to pray and commit your plans to the Lord. I always find this a helpful way of starting my month.





FREE Printable Christian Monthly Planner

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