Bible divider tabs make a great addition to your bible. They help you keep tabs on where all the books are and divide it up in an easy way to navigate.

They act like the index in the front, except you don’t need to go searching for the index, its right there in front of you!

They can be good not just for those starting out but for long time readers of God’s Word to help you look things up quickly, and well lets be honest they add a little bit of pretty to your bible 😉

You might be wondering how do I put on the bible tabs? Well, I’ve made it nice and easy for you to get started by giving you a free printable you can download and instructions below on how to get your bible set up with them.


How to make bible tabs

Step 1 – Print out the bible tabs

Step 2 – Cut them out

Step 3 – Fold them in half

Step 4 – Work out the positioning of the tabs. I like to overlap them slightly, as there is space behind them you can still easily see where the names are.

Step 5 – Paste them in. You can just use regular glue or you can use sticky photo tape.

Step 6 – You’re done!


I have made some free bible tab printables for you to download below, enjoy!




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