Printable Christmas Gift Tags - With scriptures

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift tags to go on your presents this year?  Then look no further.

These printable gift tags come with 9 different Christmas phrases and are a great way to remind ourselves and others of the true meaning of Christmas, and of Jesus, the greatest gift of all.

How to make the Christmas Gift Tags:

  1. Download the pdf below
  2. Print them out on cardstock
  3. cut them out with scissors
  4. Put a hole in them with a hole punch
  5. Write a message
  6. Tie a piece of ribbon or string through them, or attach them to the ribbon or string on your present
  7. You’re done! Ready to give your gift to a loved one


Other Ways to use the gift tags

Here are some other ways you can use these tags in your Christmas DIYs.

Christmas Stickers

You can print them out on sticker paper and add to your gift wrapping.

Christmas Ornamanets

You could print them out on cardstock, put a hole through them, ties a ribbon through them and hang them on your tree or around your house.

Christmas Crackers

You could print them out and stick them on your Christmas crackers to add some decoration and remind everyone of the real meaning of Christmas.








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